Your Homeowners Association
Holiday do's & dont's
If you are among the 99.9% of the population that cooks during the holidays,  Please, do not put the following items in your garbage

Peelings (onions, potato etc), Celery, Grease, Bones, Etc.

These items should go in a trash bag and the bag Tied Tight before disposing.

Always run cold water when using the garbage disposal.

Also, if you use the dishwasher, wash the plates of extra food before placing them in the dishwasher. That extra food should go in
the disposal (or better yet, the TRASH), but if it goes through the dishwasher it will go in the pipes and cause a backup.

General Rule of Thumb: If you think it will cause a clog, it probably will and if you think it won’t cause a clog, it probably will, use the
trash as much as possible to avoid clogs.

Finally, remember to tie your trash bags close before dumping it. The smell from un-bagged trash or trash that is not tied closed in
a bag becomes very offensive to the other residents

One last thing...If you have a Christmas Tree, Please bag it and take it to the street, then call the City for a Special Pick Up  (in Los
Angeles you can call 311)

Also, if you get lots and lots of presents, please break down the boxes and take them to the trash bin, please do not use the chutes
(square pegs don’t fit in round holes.